Medlars are an excellent source of vitamin A, with 5-6 small medlars (190g) providing the dietary reference intake (DRI) for this vitamin, which is responsible for skin and mucosal health. These fruits are also a good source of flavonoids (antioxidants), such as hydroxybenzoic acid or epicatechin, which are natural cell protectors. These nutritional properties are of special relevance during the summer, when the skin is more exposed to the sun.

A portion of medlars also provide a significant amount of potassium (494mg, i.e. 25% of the DRI), and pectin – important cholesterol regulator – and has a low energy density, with only 89kcal per 5-6 medlars.

Approximately 86% of its composition is water, making it a hydrating fruit, ideal for hot days.

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